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HKDA Newsletter
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Past Issue : Volume 4 July & August 2010
  Cover Design
  President's Message 會長致辭
  Dr. Sigmund Leung
  HKDA Council's Announcement 理事會報導
  Letter to editor of Newsletter from MPS
  By Dr. Kevin Lewis BDS, FDS RCS, FFGDP, LDS RCS
Dental Director, Dental Protection Limited / MPS
  FDI Corner 世界牙醫聯盟專欄
  Dental Clinic Management System
  By Dr. Vincent Leung, Chairman, IT Committee

Monthly Meeting Corner 月會專欄


Contributors Wanted 歡迎投稿


Clinical Attachment Program

  Need to Talk?
  New Graduate Lectures
  New Members' Dinner 2010
  Report By Faculty Dean
  Leisure Corner 閑情專欄
  Presidential Activities at a Glance
  By Staff Reporter Anna Wu

Upcoming Events

  Sports Committee Corner 康體事務委員會專欄
  By Dr. Sunny Tsui
  Hong Kong Coalition of Professional Services – Internship Scheme
  By Staff Reporter Anna Wu
  Classified Advertisement
  Editor's Note 編者的話
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