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HKDA News Notice
Announcement [more]  
•  Say No to Electoral Bribes and Vote-rigging - Support Clean Election  
•  The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong, Annual Scientific Meeting 2016 "Holistic Care in the Era of Specialty Based Medicine"  
•  The 2nd Edition of the FDI Oral Health Atlas (supported by HKDA) (free electronic copy)  
•  Surveillance of Viral Hepatitis in Hong Kong - 2014 Update Report  
•  Election Results of the 1st Extraordinary General Meeting of 2015  
•  Updated Guidelines from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data  
•  Announcment of Election Results of the 21st AGM 2015  
•  eHealth News  
•  The Academy of General Dentistry Creates International Membership Category  
•  Notes for Dental Practice Operation in Hong Kong (last updated on 28 August 2014)  
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)  
•  Monthly Meeting, July 2016  
•  MGD Training Programme 2015 - 2017 (3nd quarter of 2016) (只備有英文版)  
•  MGD Training Programme 2015 - 2017 (2nd quarter of 2016)  
•  「口腔健康與疾病」Lecture Sildes (Chinese Only)
    by Dr Donald Li, SBS, JP
•  TV programme (Good Time Old Buddies「開心老友記」) introducing the CCF Elderly Dental Assistance Programme (2nd episode) (Chinese only)  
•  TV programme (Good Time Old Buddies「開心老友記」) introducing the CCF Elderly Dental Assistance Programme (1st episode) (Chinese only)  
•  2015 HKIDEAS Open Ceremony (Chinese Only)  
•  Special Care Dentistry Day 2014 (Chinese only)  
•  香港牙科發展 - 長者牙科服務的回顧與前瞻  
•  Installation of the first Chinese FDI President, Dr Tin-chun Wong  
•  黃殿春醫生正式履新成為首位華人FDI世界牙醫聯盟主席  
•  Congratulations to Dr Tin-chun Wong, the first Chinese FDI President-Elect  
•  熱烈祝賀首位華人FDI 世界牙醫聯盟候任主席 ─ 黃殿春醫生  
For Professional
Medical Safety Alert [more]  
•  Aflibercept (Zaltrap▼): Minimising the Risk of Osteonecrosis of the Jaw  
•  Medical Device Safety Alert: Dentsply Ltd Aquasil Easy Mix Putty [Item Number: 678120; Lot Number: 150629]  
•  Diabetes Medicine Metformin: FDA Revises Warnings Regarding the Use in Certain Patients with Reduced Kidney Function  
•  Opioid Pain Medicines: FDA Warns about Several Safety Issues; Requires Label Changes  
•  Ormco Corporation TF Adaptive Gutta Percha Point Size SM3-50pk  
•  Tru-Arch by Ormco Corporation (Health Canada reference no. RA-55988)  
•  Drug News Issue 71  
•  Entacapone: FDA Review Found No Increased Cardiovascular Risks  
•  Mycophenolate: EMA Recommends Additional Measures to Prevent Use in Pregnancy  
•  Mirabegron (Betmiga): Risk of Severe Hypertension and Associated Cerebrovascular and Cardiac Events  
•  Neoss Neoss Guide - Drill-Hubs I to V included in Neoss Guide Kit Ø3.5 - Ø4.5 (art no 51153)  
•  Panoramic Rental Panoramic X-ray Model PC-1000 and PC-1000/Laser 1000  
•  Bien Air Switzerland(William Green Pty Ltd-Sponsor in Australia) CA1:1L EVO 15  
•  Biomet 3i A) Narrow Right Angle Large Driver Tip (Hexed), Model: RASH3N, Lot 1184555; B) Narrow Right Angle Large Driver Tip, Model: RASQ3N, Lot 1184554  
•  Repaglinide - New Contraindication for Concomitant Use with Clopidogrel  
For Public
The Prevention of Tooth Decay  
Tooth decay may lead to CAVITIES. It is the loss of tooth surface substance caused by germs (bacteria). Bacteria form a sticky layer over the tooth surfaces called PLAQUE. When sugar is ingested, the plaque bacteria convert sugar to acid. The acid may then dissolve the tooth surfaces resulting in cavities.