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  「口腔健康與疾病」Lecture Sildes (Chinese Only)
    by Dr Donald Li, SBS, JP
  National Qualification Examination (NQE) in the Mainland
  Announcement of Election Results of the 20th AGM 2014
  The Academy of General Dentistry Creates International Membership Category
  Oral Health Month (Chinese Only)
  Notes for Dental Practice Operation in Hong Kong (last updated on 28 August 2014)
  2014 HKIDEAS Open Ceremony (Chinese Only)
  The Prince Philip Dental Hospital-Revision of Teaching Patient Fees
  CPD Attendance Report Download Instruction
  Special Care Dentistry Day 2014 (Chinese only)
  Enrolment for Elderly Health Care Voucher Pilot Scheme
  Members' Benefit - Application for Esso Discount Card
  香港牙科發展 - 長者牙科服務的回顧與前瞻
  Installation of the first Chinese FDI President, Dr Tin-chun Wong
  Hong Kong Medical Diary (FREE electronic copy)
  New Features of the Primary Care Directory & Invitation to Enroll in the Directory
  Congratulations to Dr Tin-chun Wong, the first Chinese FDI President-Elect
  熱烈祝賀首位華人FDI 世界牙醫聯盟候任主席 ─ 黃殿春醫生
  Update on the Exemption of Regulated Products under the Human Organ Transplant Ordinance (Cap. 465)
  Supplementary information on "Update on Clinical Waste Control Scheme"
  Dental Clinic Management System (DCMS)
  Centre for Health Protection
  Consent to Dental Operation
  Hong Kong Dental Journal Instructions to Authors
  Searchable database of Hong Kong Dentists
For Professional
Medical Safety Alert  
•  3M ESPE Dental Lava Ultimate CAD/CAM Restorative [All Lots and Catalogue Numbers]  
•  Nobel Biocare Abutment Retrieval Instrument and Kit  
•  Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac, flurbiprofen, ibuprofen, ketoprofen, mefenamic acid and naproxen): TGA's proposed additional advisory statement  
•  Milestone Scientific Milestone Wand STA Hand Piece  
•  Further Measures to Minimise Risk of Osteonecrosis of the Jaw with Bisphosphonate Medicine  
•  Nobel Biocare AB Material used in the packaging of Dental implant  
•  Kerr Corporation Cure Sleeve  
•  Zimmer Dental Inc A) Gemlock Long Hex Driver; B)Tapered Swissplus & Swissplus Implant Systems Kits, Surgical, Complete; C) Tapered Screw-Vent Implant System Surgical Kit, Complete  
•  Biomet 3i Dental implants with item numbers XIFOSM311, XIFNT3211, BOST3211, BOST3211 and lot numbers 2014051368, 2014051477, 2014051817, 2014051395  
•  Institut Straumann AG 040.447S Drill set long, drill stop compatible for D 4.8mm Implant  
•  Philips Oral Healthcare- Relief ACP Oral Care Gel supplied separately and in Zm CH 25% Kits  
•  3M RelyX Temp E NP  
•  3M Australia Pty Ltd APC Plus Victory Series Twin Upper Left Cuspid -3T/10A with Distal Hook  
•  Institut Straumann AG Bone Level 4.1 mm RC, SLActive 8mm Roxolid Loxim (Model/Part no.: 021.4308; Lot no.: GY256)  
•  Institut Straumann AG Bone Level Tapered Implant 4.1 mm RC, SLActive 8mm Roxolid Loxim (Model/Part no.: 021.5308; Lot no.: GY030)  
•  Diclofenac and other NSAIDs  
•  Kerr Corporation Premise Universal Restorative Body Syringe and Unidose, Shade A2  
•  Imaging Sciences / DBA Gendex Dental Systems Expert DC Dental X-ray  
•  Kerr Corporation Herculite Ultra  
•  Getinge 46-Series Washer-Disinfector (CM302) with PACS 300/350 control  
•  Ultra-speed Dental Film, Catalog Number/REF 834 8658, KODAK and Carestream DENTAL labels --- Carestream Health Inc.  
•  Biolase Waterlase iPlus Dental Laser System  
•  3M ESPE Filtek Supreme XTE Flowable Restorative  
•  Ventolin (salbutamol sulphate): Limitations on use for inhibition of premature labour  
•  Ormco Corporation Damon TMA  
•  Lidocaine Viscous: New Boxed Warning - Should Not Be Used to Treat Infants and Children with Teething Pain  
•  Reminder on the De-registration of Oral Pharmaceutical Products containing Ketoconazole  
•  Kerr Corporation Tytin Regular Set, Double Spill - 50 Capsules [Part number: 29948; Lot number: 3-1249]  
•  Scorpion Magnetostrictive scaling tips distributed by Swallow Dental Supplies Limited  
•  Serotonin Blocking Drugs Used to Treat Nausea and Vomiting - Risk of Serotonin Syndrome  
•  INSIGHT Dental Film, Catalog Number/REF 811 0785, KODAK and Carestream DENTAL labels --- Carestream Health Inc.  
•  All Medical Devices and Medicinal Products Containing Chlorhexidine  
•  Recall of Pentron Clinical - 37% Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel  
•  U.S. Food and Drug Administration Suggests Denture-Adhesive Manufacturers Consider Removing Zinc  
For Public
The Prevention of Tooth Decay  
Tooth decay may lead to CAVITIES. It is the loss of tooth surface substance caused by germs (bacteria). Bacteria form a sticky layer over the tooth surfaces called PLAQUE. When sugar is ingested, the plaque bacteria convert sugar to acid. The acid may then dissolve the tooth surfaces resulting in cavities.